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Power to Consumer and to Professional
All what we eat or drink on a daily basis could be devastating to our health. We ought to know what we serve our family.
In order to get a DNA Molecular Test on a product you may desire, you will have to dial: +30 210 96 34 829.
Final price for DNA Molecular Testing on products is 25 Euros. Price includes a complete test.
Apart from the individual consumer, a professional can get a DNA Molecular Test performed on the items he she produces.
Fresh, frozen or canned food, such as meat, fish, sea food, shellfish, poultry, cold cuts, milk, cheese, yoghurt etc.
The entirety of the materials and methods used follow international scientific standards, are certified and accredited.
The results of Molecular Testing on Products, issued in the form of an official report can be utilized in the following ways.
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